Most insiders of the scene allude to organisations not making money off their CS:GO rosters. The extremely high salaries and running costs along with no revenue-shared model that League of Legends and Overwatch have means making profit is hard.

The recent announcement of the ESL Pro Tour may means this…

The New Legends stage has come to an end with the expected, and unexpected, teams making it there. We are going to analyse each teams journey to the final 8, how they got there, and how what we expect from them.

The new era of Majors (24-teams, Swiss system, better…

Astralis, the current #1 force in the Counter-Strike Global Offensive scene have been top of the scene for 6 months now. The 3 man core lineup of Device, Dupreeh and Xpy9x have been on top of the Danish scene since 2013 and have joined forces with gla1ve, their in-game leader…

Jack Barnes

Professional CS:GO Expert

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